The Upside of Down
Written by Mark Donahue. This article is an overview of the Rolfing process and the principles that quide the work.

Structural Integration
Written by Mark Donahue. This article about Rolfing® focuses on the ideas and the history of the work.

Tai chi and novelty
Written by Mark Donahue. This article, written for a Tai Chi publication, talks about the use of intention to alter fundamental movement patterns and the role connective tissue plays in health.

Rolfing Fact Sheet
This fact sheet from the Rolf Institute is a useful synopsis of the history of Rolfing, the Rolf Institute and the fundamentals of the theory behind the process.

Center For the Healing Art.pdf
A lecture given about Rolfing by it’s founder, Ida P. Rolf PhD, in 1975.

Gravity and Humanity
A lengthy article written by Ida P. Rolf PhD that gives a sense of the ideas behind her development of the Rolfing process as well as a sense of the depth of thought of Rolfing’s founder.