About Mark Donahue

markI began my Rolfing® education in 1985 and became certified as a Rolfer® in 1987. I continued my education and became a certified Advanced Rolfer® in 1998 and a Rolf Movement™ Practioner in 2006. In 31 years as a full time Rolfer™ I have developed my practice with a particular focus on the anatomy of movement. I also co-taught classes at the Rolf Institute from 2003- 2007.

I graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in philosophy in 1978. I have also been an enthusiastic student and teacher of Tai Chi Chuan since 1975 and have studied meditation since 1978. I have found these practices to be a valuable influence on my Rolfing.

Over the years I expanded my anatomical and functional knowledge, which has enabled me to work successfully with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. As a result, I have become known for both extensive knowledge of the body and for insightful and gentle touch.